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Donkeykicks is one of the first ever wearable digital NFT sneakers. Our collection consists of 7,501 kicks, with 501 hand drawn legendaries. Upon minting you can wear your NFT as a real pair and stake it in the DonkeyKicks Metaverse store to earn potential royalties on your NFT. We are a community driven project that believes in giving back to the world, to honor that we will be donating a portion of the proceeds to the DK shoe program for children all across the world, and to a mental health organization.



Art & Design

An exclusive collection of 7,501 donkey kicks are being introduced to the Ethereum block chain. Each piece is carefully curated and is 1:1. Every design has a unique property making each piece an original. Make sure to mint and cop a pair!

Block Chain Wallet

The crazy donkeys chose one of the most trusted and stable crypto currencies in the market for the security of our community. Donkey Kicks will be released on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Collectibles

We want everyone to put their best foot forward, so we bring you the opportunity to express yourself with a limited supply of Donkey Kicks so you can have the freshest drip in every realm. How many DKs will your closet hold?




A man with laser focus, whose mind is always spinning in the cosmos


Keeps his on the money, soon to be running wall street in the metaverse


A total doodle brain, her creative mind never sleeps


The man that breaks no code, unless its for a cheeseburger


The goofiest entrepreneur, there isn't a thing she cant hustle


An NFT is a Non-Fungible Token – it is a unique, one of a kind digital object that you can buy, own, and trade. An NFT can serve not only as a work of art in your collection, but in can also be interactive not only in this verse, but also the meta verse.

You’ll need Ethereum (ETH) to mint Donkey Kicks. ETH can be purchased on any crypto exchange. Once you own ETH, download a Metamask wallet, transfer your ETH to the wallet, and you’ll be ready to mint

Your NFT will be displayed on the address you used to purchase Donkey Kicks or in your metamask wallet. Once you’ve completed minting, you may also check your purchase through My Collections in OpenSea.

Owning Donkey Kicks will give you access to our holder-only Discord channels, governance in the Community Wallet, ability to get your nft in the form of a physical pair, as well as the underlying copyright for each Donkey Kick. More utility TBA in future endeavours

Disclaimer: Donkeykicks NFT reserves all rights to the original Donkeykicks NFT artwork. Donkeykicks reserves the rights to market and post images of all Donkeykicks NFTs for promotional and marketing purposes. upon mint although the holder will be the sole owner of the digital property. Donkeykicks may still use that NFT art to post on their social media platforms.